How to find your suitable forensic kits?

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How to find your suitable forensic kits?

Could you tell me which forensic kits you use frequently?
no doubt ,someone must say magnifier and UV light

Any equipment can work with two functions of magnifier and UV light ?
You sure know there is already lots of UV magnifier in the market.

But !

Do you know there is a magnifier can work with White UVA365nm UVC254nm AntiStokes Laser(980nm) all light sources together ?

How does this magnifier looks like ?

HS113 10× Double lens with anti UV coating UVC(254nm) UVA(365nm)  Laser(980nm) White
Power:USB or“AAA”batteries or Rechargeable battery

What?  Someone still need infrared ?

Ok , there is a magnifier can work with Infrared(IR) UVA(365nm) UVC(254nm) White Blue light(470nm) Laser(980nm) together .

HS525 30X with UVA(365nm) UVC(254nm) Infrared(IR) White Blue light(470nm) Laser(980nm)

What’s the difference ?

Higher magnification :30X   More light sources :IR Blue light(470nm)  USB can let you view image live on computer.

More product information ? pls go to
How about the price ?  PLs ask this guy: