How to obtain employment without experience.

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How to obtain employment without experience.

Minga Rodriguez
I have a biology degree and a master's in forensic science. I want to go into the field of crime scene investigation. I have had been trying/applying for jobs all over the country and have NOT landed a job because I have no experience. What am I to do? It is very discouraging because I studied hard for 6 years at one of the top forensic programs in the country. Can you give me any advice?
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Re: How to obtain employment without experience.

Steve Staggs


Volunteer work with different agencies will be helpful.

Here is a tip if you are having trouble getting a job: Apply for a "related" job, such as a Forensic Autopsy Technician, Evidence Custodian, Property Officer, Community Service Officer, etc. This can be a way to "get your foot in the door" or gain on-the-job experience that will help in getting the job you want later.

Another issue is the competition. Sometimes you are qualified but don't quite "ace" the interview so they select someone else who came across better in their interview.

Check out these two articles regarding preparing for interviews:

To get in this career field you may find you need to move to a different location to get an entry level job. But once you have worked a while in that entry level position you will have the experience required for other jobs.

I like what EFB wrote in a previous post:

    I started in Dispatch to get my foot in the door. We have fully qualified people volunteering with us now just to get that much needed experience. IF you decide to go that route, treat every day like it is a job interview. They/We are watching your work ethic and dedication that you put forth. Once that job opening does come along, they already know you and know your capabilities. You will not be allowed to touch or handle evidence. You will shuffle alot of paper and do menial tasks. Do it with a smile knowing you are getting the experience that will open alot of other doors. With that said, we are a small community where everyone knows everyone show them nothing but your best. Good luck!

That is good advice!

There are over 500 jobs listed on the employment opportunity page of the Crime Scene Investigator Network. Many are entry level jobs.

You can sign up for a daily email of new CSI and Forensic Science job postings. The email alerts go out Monday through Friday and have 10 to 15 new jobs each day. Or you can sign up on twitter and receive the new job post alerts that way. Sign up at


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