I am available for employment as a crime scene technician in the Omaha area

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I am available for employment as a crime scene technician in the Omaha area

Robert Brooks
Hi, long time listener, first time caller.

My nickname from high school is MacGyver and I don't admit it lightly. I figure out any problem and solve any circumstance.

I find out in September where my wife's career path will take me in June of 2012. It will be in either Charleston S.C., Tampa Fl., Albuquerque, N.M., Houston or Galveston TX., Savannah Ga., or Iowa City IA. I am going to be switching career paths back to what my education and interests pertain to. I am going to get into the (working) field of criminology and forensics and start out as a Crime Scene Technician, or, if fortune finds me, as a Forensic Pathologist's Assistant.

 I would have a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice (focusing on criminology) if it weren't for a loss of credits in university credit transfers. I just see it as getting a bachelor's degree and a half and learning a lot more about a field I love.

I have seen exactly 20 minutes of an episode of CSI.

I don't desire a leadership position until I have built the respect for one from the ground up. Respectfully, no thank you to management or supervisor jobs unless there is a stepping stone to "meet the troops." Also, no thank you to highly unionized jobs. They are incompatible with my belief system.

I enjoy complex problem solving and problem spotting, research, writing, computers, firearm ballistics, weaponry, body systems and medicine (my wife is a medical professional). I try to stay cultured and well rounded and am a jack of a lot of trades and master of a very few. I learn as I go.

Currently I am a Nuclear Security Officer working under the unprecedented circumstances of a flooded nuclear power facility. This has been a spectacular learning experience from the standpoint of someone fascinated by emergency management and civil engineering.

I have no intention of abandoning this disaster scenario. However, I don't doubt I will lose my job as the plant minimizes expenses and personnel. It has been a tough summer and this winter will be rigorous. I predict that our fuel that is at risk will be moved to a safer place after the flooding and after that is accomplished the plant will be reduced to a skeleton crew of much fewer and less experienced security as the plant is shut down permanently. My plans to leave in June of 2012 were finalized well before the flooding started. I don't wish to work security anymore unless it pays for more college classes and allows me to take courses while I work -an extreme luxury I was afforded here. I could be re-convinced if the job is at Los Alamos, Sandia, or any other fascinating laboratory. A scholarship to MIT or an invitation to study under Dr. Henry Lee would be enticing.

Humor intended.

Find me on LinkedIn. I have already copied and pasted most of my page here, so, sorry to ruin the surprise.

If I am not using this forum as it was intended, folks please let me know.

I have no high ambitions other than finding a job I love with folks I like a lot. I figure this is a good place to start.