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Re: International Programmes

Courses in Human Anatomy and Physiology, including observation of multiple autopsies. Assisting would be even better and if possible, Human tissue recovery. 
This would be the minimum additional classes.  😊
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On Sun, Jul 14, 2019, 11:43 PM Maria [via Crime Scene Investigator Forum] <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hello to everybody.

Next spring I'll recieve a master's degree in biology in one of the best Universities in Russia. I've been dreaming about to become a crime science investigator for all my entire life. And I need somebody's help in advicing me what should I do next.

In Russia we don't have any of Crime Justise Institutions (we do have criminalists, but they are graduated students from police academy/ law faculties) and we don't have these the USA standarts in evidence processing, that's why there's no crime laboratories in Russia, where in theory I could be employed. And, to be honest, I'd prefer death rather then working on the authoritarian regime which reigns in my country. That is why I'm looking for methods to get a placement in the USofA.

I'm not sure if there any chances that the Police Department will hire me for a job, solving all my visa problems, even if I do some online training. I guess that the only way to get closer to my dream is to enter into College or University. Does anybody know if there any of Forensic Science programms for international students (State doesn't matter)? If  answer is "yes", do they accept poor students and do they give them some kind of credit or scholarships for education? What programme should I apply to (BA,MA)?

I'd be appreciated for any advices and answers.

Thank you.

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Re: International Programmes

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Thanks for sharing.....
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