Interview Questions! Response Greatly Appreciated!

Posted by RayRam RayRam
I'm a Public Safety Major and need someone who works in a Criminal Justice department to answer eleven questions for a paper I'm working on. A response before Wednesday is super appreciated and a huge help.   

1.How long have they been in their current position?

2. What made you want to enter this career?

3. Did you ever consider other criminal justice careers?

4. What kinds of changes have you noticed in the criminal justice system during your career?

5. How does politics influence the Criminal Justice system?

6. In your opinion what works in our Criminal Justice System?

7. In your opinion what doesn’t work in our Criminal Justice System?

8. What life lessons have you learned as a result of your Criminal Justice year?

9. What are some of the most fulfilling aspects of your career?

10. What are some of the most challenging aspects of your career?

11. What was your career path to your current position in the criminal justice position?

Again it would help a desperate college student if anyone could respond.