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I am interested in possibly becoming a latent fingerprint examiner and I was wondering what degree in college should I major in. Biology? Criminal Justice? Chemistry? I am currently just starting a bachelor's degree in biology because I knew I wanted to work in forensics but just didn't know what area until recently, and my university only has a forensic science degree under the biology plan. I have been researching jobs on this site for latent fingerprint examiners and none of them really specify what degree I need my bachelor's to be in, unlike with the Forensic Scientist or Criminalst openings that specifically say a degree in chemistry or biology. I am so lost on how to plan my educational path and what steps I need to take in order to become a latent fingerprint tech/examiner. Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

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Get a BS it is all Chemistry, and science. Once you have a degree in science you can go forward with specifics, and many collages have a minor in forensics, or a certificate.
Shannon Marie