Looking for a CSI help for Dutch television show

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Looking for a CSI help for Dutch television show

BNN Television Network Holland
Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the Dutch Television show Proefkonijnen (Labrats) I am trying to get in contact with Crime scene investigators in Oklahoma or Los Angeles.

The reason for this is the following;

In our tv-show, what can be described as a popular scientific tv-show similar to Mythbusters, we are researching different topics for the 4th season. With an average of 1 million viewers an episode (for Dutch understandings, this is a considerable number), we can conclude that the tv-show is very popular in the Netherlands.

The main purpose of our tv-show is that our two hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno find answers on the most ridiculous questions you can imagine. We are part of the Dutch public broadcasting network with a main goal, inform.  For example;

# What is the strongest muscle in your body?

# Can you survive a couple off days in the desert, drinking your own sweat?

# Is it possible for a male to experience a pregnancy (contractions)?

Our two hosts Dennis and Valerio are always part of the 'experiment', they are the 'Lab rats'.

For all those simple questions we collaborate with scientists from all the different Universities in the Netherlands, besides we also work together with the top University hospitals and institutions of the Netherlands.

The idea for this fourth season is too film abroad, what we haven't done before. So rom 11th until the 19th of november we are traveling all the way to America.

So what do we want?

We really want to discuss the subject of Crime Scene Investigation and how hard it is to leave no evidence on a crime scene. We are looking for a crime scene investigator that can help us realizing this item.

We think it would be very usefull to cooperate with this lightly action founded by some proper scientific information.

If you know/are a crime scene investigator/police officer who can help us out on the 12th or 19th of november. Please contact me!

Kind Regards,
Kathelijn Vos
BNN Public Broadcasting

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Re: Looking for a CSI help for Dutch television show

Aww! I will ask a friend of mine regarding this. She has always been very quick with such things. One can ask her anything about online shows. She even told me about Andy Yeatman shows on Netflix and I had so much fun watching it with my kids.