Meet/Advice From a Professional Crime Scene Investigator

Posted by Logan Estridge Logan Estridge
Hello, I am graduating from University with a BA in Psychology in 5 weeks and am very interested in a career path as a Crime Scene Investigator. As I am not qualified for an entry-level CSI position I have considered several options including: going back to college for a second bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice or Forensic Science, going to a graduate program for Forensic Psychology, or trying to break into the field as a Forensic Technician or an Evidence Technician. One of the main pieces of advice from the Crime Scene Investigator Network is to get into contact with CSIs working in local departments to learn more about the job. It would be much appreciated if there are any professionals here willing to give their insights, and if there are any working in or near the DFW, or the San Antonio areas that are willing to meet in person to discuss then please contact me here or at my email [].