Need some advice for a homework project.

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Need some advice for a homework project.

Sue H
Hi all, I hope someone can help.
My 11 year old has a Science homework project and could use a little advice on one aspect of it.
The project is to write a screenplay for an episode of a crime scene drama, and do a powerpoint display with photographs
She has photographed her crime scene, written her screenplay etc but there are a couple of elements in the instructions that she hasn't really covered and we don't really know how to help her!

1. List 5 Hazards associated with your crime scene and a set of safety instructions for the actors playing the CSI's
2. Produce a full risk assessment for the episode to go with your script.

Her crime scene has no body - they were only allowed to depict the body with a chalk line.. so crime scene is as follows:
Blood (we have identified this as a risk and safety instructions to be protective clothing/face mask/gloves/eye protection)
cigarette butts
chewing gum
broken glass (obviously a hazard of sorts - precaution to collect with tweezers?? lol)
shell casing
Gun (hazard I guess.. but I doubt a CSI would need telling not to fire it!)
unidentified pills (again.. possibly hazard.. but precaution?? don't eat them?? lol)
disposable lighter (hey CSI don't play with fire!!)

you can see where I am struggling to find 5 real hazards in her crime scene.. and it's way too late to stage a whole new crime scene to photograph
Crime scene was staged in a park, no real hazards in the crime scene area either.

Can anyone help me with potential hazards and precautions?? I don't even understand what they mean by a risk assesment!

Many thanks in advance,

Sue x
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Re: Need some advice for a homework project.

Sue X,
I will try to give you a helping hand.

Risk Assessment could mean
(a) precautions to avoid contamination crime scene (by introducing your own DNA/prints.etc)
(b) maintain integrity of the evidential materail available

You may list the evidential material (items found) at crime scene as:

human remains (a body),
red drops of a substance (suspected to be Blood),
cigarette butts
disposable lighter,
chewed gum,
broken glass,
bullet/cartridge shell casings
a Gun
unidentified pills

5 real hazards in her crime scene: -

1. Suspected Biological material
(drops suspected to be blood could have disease carrying pathogens, Viruses (HIVirus, Swine Flu,etc)

2. Gun
Could be loaded and cocked. This could lead to a fatal shot if not pirkced up by a trained gund handler who understands and knows how to uncock it (firing pin)

3. Unidentified pills
NEVER TRY TO IDENTIFY BY TASTING. could be lethal cyanide tablets or psychotropic/narcotic or cause adverse side-effects as its nature is unknown.

4.  Broken glass
difficult to handle due to its pointed & sharp edges and tiny pieces. Handle with great care using forensic tweezers...

5. Human remains
Cadavers putrify (Decompose) and body fluids could pose a health risk especially since it is k=not known if the deceased had a contagious disease e.g. Hepatitis, HIVirus, Swine flu, bird Flu, etc.

General Precautions to guard against Crime Scene Contamination: -

1. Call the police (for a child's project state "dial 911")
2. cordon off the crime scene with whatever material is reaily available (Stones, planks of wood, branches) or CRIME SCENE tape where possible to keep out curious onlookers.
3. handle all evidential material with gloved hands -  clean latex gloves
4.  do not sneeze, cough, urinate, eat ordrink at the crime scene
5. Record (sketch, photograph, video) every single detail of the crime scene before entering the crimescene or moving any item.
6. Do  not be touch the body until a Police Scenes of Crime Officer/Crime Scene Technician/Police Officer on  from the local police arrives. body Preferably put in a abody bag before being moved from the scene

hope this is helpful.

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Re: Need some advice for a homework project.

Sue H
Thank you Sarah, that is a great help xxx