Planting of blood evidence

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Hi, I am investigating the possibility that blood was planted at a crime scene. It is unlikely that the source blood used was whole blood or stored in liquid form (EDTA, buffer etc). How feasible would it be for someone to collect dried, clotted blood and then re-constitute it in liquid form at a later date for planting as a blood smear on a hard surface? Obviously the sample would be degraded but would it still be possible to extract DNA for PCR analysis. Many thanks for your time!

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Re: Planting of blood evidence

While I was in university I heard about some snake poisons being able to thin the blood and make it more liquid, in similar forms to what Aspirin can do and other medications. So I can imagine there being a chemical reaction to allow the dried blood clot to liquify, what is giving me some hard time is if it would be able to be done effectively and if it were to look natural. Also I'm assuming that if a test was conducted the chemical would show up in the results.

Just a thought.