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I have finished my first novel, A Murder in Our Midst (William Turner), which is available on Amazon.com and at Barnes and Noble.  I am starting my second, which I've outlined. I am stuck, however, because I can't find the poison I want to use in my book.   I am looking specifically for a poison that would take 3-4 days to take full effect.  The poison I'm looking for would have to be easily administered--by a novice--and the poison would take effect gradually; for example, with flu-like symptons--symptons that would not cause alarm.

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First off you should advertise a tad more :)
That said, no not over a three four day period. Arsenic? Of corse that is traceable.
I d know a few, but hate to put it out here. (Where there are far more weird people then we know about) However since I love to write as well heres one for you,..
Look up
Polypeptide (Amanita Mushroom)

Info For your book,:A Murder in Our Midst PS Loved the cover!

Availability: In Stock
ISBN: 9781592994625
Author: William Turner
Pages: 212
Website: www.sirwinchellmysteries.com
Binding: Paperback
Theirs was a friendship–a viable friendship–that transcended race, culture, and economic backgrounds. It was forged during the most contentious period in American history... a friendship that could be shattered by one thing, one thing only–MURDER!

About the Author

WILLIAM TURNER was born in the South, but spent several years in New England. He was educated in the private, parochial school system, and is presently working for the State of California. He has two sons, and three grandchildren. William had aspired–so long ago–to be a priest, but felt at the time he had not been exposed enough to life to walk away and close the monastery door. His subsequent exposure to life sullied him beyond any aspiration to the priesthood. William lives in Northern California, spending much of his time doing penance, reflecting on his countless errors in judgment.