Project: Crime Scene Investigator

Posted by Volley_Chick_01 Volley_Chick_01
I have a project for school and I need some questions answered by a crime scene investigator.
1) How did you decide to become a crime scene investigator?
2) What are some of the schools you looked at?
3) What kind of subjects do you have to take?
4) How long did it take you?
5) Where did you do your interning?
6) Where do you work?
7) What is your salary like?
8) What are you hours like?
9) What kind of work do you do?
10) What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a crime scene investigator?
11) What kind of skills do you need?
12) Do you like you job?
13) What kind of people do you see?
14) What level are you at?