Python for Digital Forensic Examiners

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Python for Digital Forensic Examiners

Brian Sweeney
My company, Cipher Tech Solutions, Inc., is a leading software development company specializing in digital forensics and malware reverse engineering.  We've recently decided to throw our hat into the education ring with the launch of a Python course geared toward digital forensic examiners who wish to enrich their skill set by studying Python.  Python is an object oriented scripting language which is both powerful and easy to use.  These qualities make it an ideal technology for use in a digital forensics lab setting.

Our course aims to give the examiner the confidence and skills needed to make use of Python scripting in their day to day examination workflow.

We're offering the course as an in-person, two day, weekend event at our office in Elkridge, Maryland.  For our inaugural run, we will be offering an extremely competitive price and an very small class size.

Please feel free to follow event news on our Facebook page:

Register for the event and read more here: