Questions for a Crime Scene Lab Director

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Questions for a Crime Scene Lab Director

K. Mott
Hello I am student at Sachem East HS on Long Island and I am doing a project for my living environment class on your career. I was wondering if you would mind answering some questions for me? Forensic Sciencedtist lab director, is what I was interested in.  Any help would surely be appreciated.  Thank you in advanced for all your help.

Kaitlin Mott

1. Do you go to work everyday and how long is a day of work for you?

2. Do  you enjoy your job why or why not?

3. Do you get a lot of cases to work on?

4.What college did you go to?

5. What did you major in at college and how many years of college did you need?

6. Was it easy to find this job, how did you find it?

7. Did you start at a lower position and work your way up to what you do now?

8. Do you regret becoming a forensic scientist?