Seeking Crime Scene Analyst for article

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Hello. I write monthly blog column, "Cool Careers Using Math," for Mathnasium Learning Centers.  Our goal is to transform the lives of children through math. The blog's audience is largely mothers of school-aged kids.

I'm looking to interview a CS analyst who can articulate how this job uses math regularly and/or requires a solid understanding of math. This would be a phone or Zoom interview of no more than a half-hour, and I would need at least one good photo of the interview subject. I'll ask questions about the job and about the subject's personal experience with math growing up. I've reached out to a couple of police departments but haven't gotten any traction. I would appreciate a referral to a willing subject. Thanks!

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Re: Seeking Crime Scene Analyst for article

An analyst may be asked by a detective or police officer to conduct research on a particular criminal behavior to see if they are able to find any leads. essay writer  Crime analysts usually need a bachelor's degree with an emphasis on criminal justice, public administration, sociology, statistics and research methodology.