Subjects to take and more info

Posted by Alexandria Alexandria
Ok i already did my schedule for school not to long ago and now im in the wrong science i think ive read that you have to take chemistry is that one of the subjects i have to take, and  how many years of college do you have to take 4 or 8? Im still confused on the crime scene can you wear those things you put over your shoes? I know you gotta watch your step 95% of the crime in on the floor the rest everywhere else, Is it really hard to get finger prints, cuz when i was little i had a crime scene kit and i tryed picking up prints it didnt work is it easy or hard? Im probly asking to many questions too but this is my dream job and im not giving it up again. Do you get paid extra if you get called in always wonder that? I need more info from a real CSI not just off the internet that gives information that could be a lie.