Suicide or Murder?

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 My son, Joshua Robinson (19), was found dead in Amsler Park/McGregor, Texas, on February 16, 2006. McGregor PD did not investigate, did not arrive to escort the funeral procession after scheduling and paying the PD for this service, telling me they were unavailable.
 I KNOW my son would not take his own life, but could not get any straight answers from the PD personnel.
 In June, 2006, four of the five officers, on scene, resigned simultaneously, for unknown reasons.
 Although there were only 2 officers on duty, one, yet unknown officer, saw Joshua in Amsler Park @ 1AM, with a curfew @ 10PM. I don't know, four + years later, which officer it was, as the former chief told me he couldn't remember which one. Did the officer confront Joshua or ask him to vacate the park?
 He was recognized by this officer in the dark park, yet when they arrived on the crime scene @ 5:35AM, none of the four officers knew the 'deceased subject'! Only 8 minutes later, former Officer Norris ran a wants and warrants check on the 'unknown subject' with NO drivers license!
 When I asked the former chief how this is possible, he said, "A wants and warrants check is done in case there's a warrant, it can be dismissed." To which I replied, "Who cares, he's dead!!!"
 Now, four years later, and a LOT of my own research, I believe that Joshua was murdered by McGregor PD, but have no answers from the bottom of the chain of command........all the way up to the Civil Rights/Civil Liberties in Washington, DC.
 I do know that the former Justice of the Peace was to take a body temperature, which is his duty, and failed to do so. I reported this to the Attorney General, Greg Abbott.
 I invoked the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, Article 49.04~DEATHS REQUIRING AN INQUEST, to the former and current Justice of the Peace, to which they denied. I told them that this is not a matter of choice, it is the law! (Joshua Robinson) View the attached documents by clicking on the underlined phrases.
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Re: Suicide or Murder?

First off I am sorry for your loss.
I would hire a private investigator. Much of what your referring to has to have records behind the mater. All of this you are able to access publicly, and what you can't you can get a court injunction for.
It sounds as though you may have a criminal liability case against the county. However, the problem with this is that evidence gets lost, people move, retire, memory's fade, etc,.. I wish you the best either way.
Time is critical when you need to make a point, and get concrete evidence that there was a crime committed, an injustice, or when internal affairs has to get involved. Either way, it will not bring back your loved one and so I wish you the best in finding closure.
God bless you and yours,
Shannon Marie