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Trauma Cleaning

Trauma Cleaning
Accidents or deaths of known persons, be at a home or a workplace, is a traumatic time, wherein, the need of sensitivity is paramount without the extra burden on family or friends of having to restore the contaminated area to its former state. Our objective is to restore the environment in the most professional and discrete manner possible. This relieves family members or employees of the emotional and traumatic task of cleaning up.

When you lose someone close to you, could you clean-up their property?
The loss of a loved one is a very hard time in anyone’s life. When they are gone they leave behind everything they had and used, which requires someone to go through it all and sort and take care of it. This can be a very difficult task when you are mourning a death but at the same time must attend to these tasks at hand.

We at Bio-Cleanse offer our service in a professional manner with a team of fully trained personnel in these distressing circumstances.

We clean and sanitise the site, neutralise the odours, and seal and remove all contaminated materials for disposal at a licensed medical waste facility.

We specialise in biological hazard and crime-scene cleanup, as well as disaster mitigation services across Canberra, Goulburn and Sydney.


Our Services Include:
Body fluid cleanup after a death or an accident
Crime & trauma scene cleaning
Decontamination of Swine Flu, MRSA, C-DIF
Gross filth and hording cleanups
Police and prison cell cleaning
Removal of fingerprint dust
Sharps search & removal
Contaminant deodorisation
Undiscovered death cleanup
Void property remediation
Insect infestation control
Odour control
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Tameka Green
where can I get into this field I sacramento California.