Vexing Murder - Media assist needed

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Greetings:  New to the site and in search of some smart comment or direction -

Since last year we've been writing on the 2006 unsolved and vexing DC murder case of Robert Wone.  No murder charges have been filed but three defendants face trial in May 2010 on conspiracy, tampering and obstruction.  This is extemely complex to the layperson.

Looking to speak with those versed in criminal justice investigation to speak on background or off-the-record to give comment,  analysis or direction.  We’re particularly interested in crime scene staging with this remarkably confusing case.

The Washington Post recently had a two-part investigative series on the murder.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Our site that looks at the case in obsessive detail is here:

The NY Times mentioned us here earlier this week:

Let me know if you could.  Thank you