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Greetings.  Writer here.  Question.  I have character in a very-near-future dystopian tale who has been accused of murder because his phone was found with a recording of the murder.  In this story, cameras are now pretty much everywhere, but not every single angle covered.  Some cities are rather like that already.  The killer, in a dark jumpsuit during the murder (so he can take it off once it has blood on it, presumably) is never seen by the city cameras, but our hero is.  So the hero is presumed the killer, because he recorded it.  He had reason to be spying on the victims, not knowing their imminent fate.

Our hero, a nerd genius, (now arrested and in dire straights), points out to the police that if the killer could have gotten rid of his gun and his jumpsuit while out of the camera’s eye--near the site of the murder, presumably--he could actually be on the camera, in the clothes he was wearing underneath and not be recognized as the killer on the recording.  But no such jumpsuit or weapon was found.  Reggie suggests the city sewer, a manhole near the site of the murder.

The unpleasant police tell him fine, he can search the fetid sewer.

That was the build up:  now, if a hair belonging to the real killer were caught in a jumpsuit zipper, would that DNA survive the sewers, where the jumpsuit and weapon presumably got caught on something, for our hero to find?

Any other DNA suggestions?  I have, of course, placed the killer’s DNA in the system as he has a prior record.

FUNNY STORY:  I was writing a chapter in a book about a boy in Dresden, WWII, whose mom was killed in the bombing and he did not want to leave the corpse.  My question about “how long can you keep a dead body before it smells and bloats and, well. ."    etcetera.  I got some weird reactions.  But I was younger, and stupider.  

I am Meg Langford, moviesforyourmind  DOT net, cryptic link because some software sees hyperlink as spam.  

And thanks, guys!

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Hey there!

It wouldn't matter if the hair had survived the sewers being attached to the zipper. What you need for DNA is the tag or bulb on the end of the strand for DNA. Sounds interesting, though.