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I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of Crime Scene Investigation. I have my high school diploma but do not have any college education. I was interested if anyone with personal experience has any insight into whether a police route or an entry level lab technician route would be more beneficial if trying to pursue a hands on, in field position in CSI. I plan on attending school to get an associate or bachelor degree while I am in either an entry level police or lab position.


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Re: Which route to take

Really it will come down to your preference and where you would like to work.  Different departments have different requirements.  Some require you to have a college degree, some require you to be a sworn officer, while others only require that you have a high school diploma to be elegible for an entry level position.  Check and see what the employers you are interested in require for an idea of what will be most beneficial for you, specifically.

Also, this link has some great info on Becoming a CSI: http://crime-scene-investigator.net/becomeone.html

And here is another link for Colleges & Training for you to look through for that higher education you want to get: http://crime-scene-investigator.net/csi-training.html