about forensic experts.

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hi,im doing online course in forensic science and want know how work of forensic exprts and crime scene investigator differs from one another at crime scene. plz tell me about  the work of forensic expert in crime scene investigation.

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Re: about forensic experts.

In the United Kingdom, CSI officers examine scenes, record the scenes, and recover evidence.

Forensic Scientists will be called in as an expert witness/scientis at a crime scene to provide advice and interpretation of particular aspects of the evidence.

For example - a forensic scientist will examine and interpret blood patterns at a crime scene to explain to the police investigators (and present in court) how the blood was deposited and possible scenarios. They would also be able to assist in suggesting which blood stains may be the victim's and what may have been deposited by the offender - and thus which stains are the most useful for recovery and the order of subsequent analysis.

The CSI Officer would record photographically the blood patterns and swab the stains and take into account the advice/recommendations of the scientist.

However, at a scene, it is very likely that the scientist will take on board observations made by the CSI officer (most experienced CSI have a good understanding of blood pattern analysis) and would take their own swabs of stains that they require as they would work as a team and their technical skills overlap.

Other areas of expert witness where a forensic scientist would (may?) be required at a scene may be ballistics, fire/arson investigation etc

There are crossovers in these areas where there may be a CSI Officer who is also an Arson Investigator or Ballistics expert.

At court, the forensic scientist would be the one who explains to the court the significance of the forensic findings and answer questions from defence and prosecution as to the varying interpretations, given the different scenarios postulated by the two sides in the case.

CSI would attend court to state where the samples were recovered from and to explain any continuity issues within the evidential chain (unless there was a 'exhibits/property officer' asigned to the case).

CSI do not tend to stray into the areas of expert witness of their forensic scientist colleagues and vice versa.
Any expert giving evidence in court is advised to remain within their 'comfort zone' - their area of expertise.
Woe betide any person who starts spouting opinion outside their area of expertise - when there could very likely be a real expert in that subject sitting outside the court waiting to be called in next.