i need some help and advice can anyone help plz?

Posted by Blondy babe magz Blondy babe magz
Hey im 16 currently studying year 11 at high school and i have been putting some serious thought into where i want my career parth way to go and i was reading up about being a C.S.I, i like a challenge and i want a job that i will never get bored of as they say u never work a day only if u love your job and i was wondering if C.S.I would be a good job field for me to go into? I also was wondering wat requirements does being a C.S.I have with education and training?
plz get back to me i would really appriciate it as this is my future im unsure about.

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Re: i need some help and advice can anyone help plz?

I recommend that you read through our information How to Become a CSI: http://crime-scene-investigator.net/becomeone.html.  That should help you get a start in the right direction.