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How long does an on-site investigation take?
— by April April
Hi everyone,

I'm writing a story and trying to err on the side of accuracy. I know there must be an endless number of variables that can and will influence an answer to a question like this, but how long on average does it take from the time a CSI starts until they and the police are ready to turn the property over to the home owners? Are investigators on the premises 24/7 until the investigation is complete? Assume this occurred in a metropolitan area, somewhere the size of St. Louis, MO or Tulsa, OK.

Let me set the scene:
A gentleman was in his apartment. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, it is downstairs with one story. He rented a detached one car garage which was several hundred feet away. He was found in the living room. In addition to the living room, the master bedroom shows signs of someone going through the victim's belongings. There were no witnesses, the victim's family (1 person) was away, as were most of his neighbors. Besides the obvious signs of disturbed belongings mentioned before, the rest of the house is undisturbed and the violence appears limited to the living room. The victim was confirmed to be alive and well as late as 6 AM, and his body was discovered around noon of the same day. The victim was shot twice in the chest with his own firearm. It appears that he fired off a few rounds before he was overcome by the assailant.

Assuming no unexpected complications, does anyone have an estimate for how long it would take before personnel were finished with the on-site investigation and ready to let the apartment landlord or family back in?

Thank you very much in advance,

- April