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No, you do not need certification for an entry level position. Some positions are for candidates with experience so those may require certification.

Certification is usually obtained from the International Association for Identification after you have been hired, trained and have at least one year of experience. For example, to be IAI Certified as a "Certified Crime Scene Investigator" you must have a minimum of one year in crime scene related activities (plus several other requirements).

I suggest you look at the information on Becoming A Crime Scene Investigator and also look at some of the employment postings to see what agencies (especially those in California) typically require for entry level positions.

If you have an idea of which agencies in California you might want to work at, you can call their Human Resources Departments and ask for a copy of their requirements.

Annabelle wrote
To work as a CSI, would I have to take a certification or licensing exam before I could get a job? Is it like being a lawyer or something of that nature, where one has to become qualified before working in a particular state? I am interested in working in California, after I finish my Bachlor's degree. Thank you.


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