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You are very observant. The line around the boxes are just a visual cue for us as we maintain the web pages. Colleges that have the line around the boxes are ones where we provide a form for our visitors to fill out for more information from the college. The ones without the line are colleges that we do not have a request form set up. Clicking on those colleges take you to the colleges' websites instead of a form. We have this visual cue so we can check our forms once and awhile to make sure they are working.

There a lot of colleges and universities offering degrees in Crime Scene Investigations, Forensic Science, Criminal Investigations, Computer Forensics, etc. We are unable to research and evaluate each of them, so we just list them and leave it up to you to determine which program at which college or university meets your particular need.

Shahar wrote
in the colleges and training page: does the black frame* (or for that matter, the absence of it) mean something? ... *arount the "CERT, AS/AA, BS/BA & GRAD" Signs.


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