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Suicide/ murder investigation of our mother
— by Anna Anna
My family is desperatly looking for someone to help look in our mothers case. The detectives from the minute they walked into her room where she was killed believed something was very wrong !!.. Her husband called it in as a suicide but NO one believed that, not even the detectives. The head detective told our family that he did not believe she did it, however he didn't think he'd ever be able to prove it.  Because of lack if evidence, they closed it and said it was a suicide.  Well, today we got the case file after 5 months and we feel it is very wrong.  I guess we're looking for someone to read what we just read, who can tell us if they agree with us.  We live in California and the investigation was done in a small town in mansfield oh where my mom lived.  Her husband of 2 yrs  that she met on e harmony was a crazy man that she was divorcing.  She was talking to an old high school boyfriend and we believe he found out about it. Someone  please help!!! Sincerely Anna                                                                   I can email the whole case file to anyone willing to take an hour to read it! Thanks again