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Bump Key, What is this? An unethical danger.
— by In4mer In4mer
Not sure if anyone here has heard of these keys out on the market. They are called bump keys. These keys are a danger to the general public, in conjunction with various forms of organized crime, or what has now been termed as "gang stalking". Now, days organized crime, I would supposed comes in many forms. Home invasions have been on the rise, and people suddenly losing their minds, etcetera.

Someone, besides myself, has wondered into this phenomena. He as posted an article: (:::

These keys are being manufactured and sold on-line. Anyone can get these keys. It is dangerous for knowledge of this key to spread; as that is how crime spreads. But, people do need to know that something more vile and dangerous is spreading through the communities.

I personally have complained about these keys being sold, and finally the seller toned down the site. They no longer explicitly detail how these keys can be used, but they still sell them.

As I have mysteriously wondered into the question of a possibility of such keys, as have others. People are speaking out about this phenomena for some estranged reason.

Would be interested on anyone else's input on this.