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— by Pia Pia
Dear Richard,

I'm a german crime investigator. Your question is difficoult, cause we have to look what kind of steps we have to secure. On every crime scene are other steps and other things are important.
The killer is dead, but also the important steps must be secured. If you have a fight in the house it is for the police more work, cause we have to make pictures of all steps and we have to secure all steps (blood, hairs, etc.)
It is different to tell a timeline with your information, but we don't stay over night, we use a tape on the door (Germany). On the first day, there are many officers, but the most work is done after the first day. If they have to search for bodies, i think it don't takes longer than 48 hours. Only securing of evidence stay longer, sometimes two days, but most no longer as four days.