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— by Liz Liz
That's tricky. We had a body uncovered, and we later found her to be holding an infant (2 bodies now). We were there for 48 hours. This was outside, no struggle or fight anywhere near the scene. With a fight, known homicide, and 5 additional bodies ... I don't know but do the math! Investigators would be there for a VERY long time.

First off, question - what made the investigators / kids dig for bodies? If they were buried, as you stated, what made them dig and find the bodies?

Secondly, the bodies would not be unearthed in a day, I can tell you that for fact. Exhuming a body takes careful examination. Once the layers are removed and a body is exposed, the first layer needs to be examined for evidence. Then the entire burial site needs to be examined layer by layer (usually 3-4 inches is one layer) for evidence. Once the body is fully unearthed, the removal of the body can begin. Piece by Piece. Recovering evidence every step of the way. Like I said, our mother and infant took 2 days to uncover, plus removing the bodies.

Thirdly, the main concern should be the recent struggle and homicide. The bodies shouldn't even be though of until critical evidence that can be lost from the struggle and recent homicide is collected and preserved.

All in all, you're looking at at least a week, maybe more depending how much evidence is uncovered.