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Help with writing a script for police procedural action movie
— by Ormi Ormi

I'm writing a screenplay/ script for a police procedural action movie and I'm stuck with some things

First, story is about special police unit for investigating cases what may be a threat against national security (It is not about U.S. police). That unit is called National Security Task Force and formed from local police Murder Squad, National Security Police and foreign law enforcement agency quest agent for investigating a murder of undercover secret agent who found on a beach in (as to victim's perspective) in foreign friendly country.

Second, when Murder Squad investigate a murder scene on a beach near cargo port, before they even knew that their victim is secret agent, the only one thing they found is victim, impaled by multiple gunshot wounds with swollen up face wich makes him unidentifyng. There are no visible traces at the beach, wich may indicate that victim was thrown overboard from a ship what standed on a roadstead to port. Also there was previously a storm.

Q1: If no evidence wasn't found at the beach, how CSI/ CSU investigate without initial evidence?
Q2: At the autopsy, medical examiner found that victim was shot with multiple different weapons at close range. ME found casings for 9x19mm and .50 Action Express Hollow Point. Since it's relatively easy to find a gun (model) for .50 Action Express, because only Desert Eagle uses it, how big is a chance to find a gun (model) for 9x19mm bullet?