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Gift for a forensic scientist
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Good day,

My Girlfriend is going to graduate in a month with a Bachelors in Forensic Science and I wanted to get her something nice as a congratulations gift that is relevant to her field and perhaps even useful. what would be something you would recommend?

I have found mugs and shirts etc. that seem nice but I'm not sure if there is something more useful. I also don't know the state of humor which is considered acceptable in the field so I don't want to get her something that I think is funny and her colleagues find to be in poor taste. ie. I found a shirt that said "My day starts when your day ends" and it had a chalk outline with crime scene tape. at first I thought "that is hilarious" and then my professional brain kicked in (medicine) and realized it might not be very funny when your faced with dead people every day.

I've also considered equipment but I don't know what she would need and if there is a good starter kit that would bring some basic measuring, optical, and lighting equipment that would be good.

Any recommendations would be great!