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Hello, I was wondering if there was anyone able to help me with a School Project. I am a Rasmussen Student continuing with My Bachelors Degree and need help answering some of these questions. I would appreciate any help that I can get. Thank you.

Interview Questions
Law Enforcement and the Media
1. In your Experience, what makes a “good” crime story or courtroom story?
2. How do you Check or confirm information you receive while investigating a story?
3. What happens if there is an error in a Story?
4. What kind of relationship do you have with law enforcement? The Courts?
5. Is it difficult to know what information to give out to the media and the time frame to release more?
6. Is there a meeting before a press briefing to discuss the information about to be released?
7. If there isn’t a meeting or there isn’t enough time for one how do you obtain the information you discuss with the media?
8. When getting ready for a press briefing do you have contacts for each news agency in Minnesota or how do you get the word out about a briefing you want people to know about?
9. Do you feel that there is a disfunction between media and Law Enforcement and if so do you feel there are ways we can fix it?
10. Do you feel Media Influences Cases?