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Thank you for your reply, My Bachelor is in Criminal Justice and a minor in forensic evidence. I'll be taking a few courses to certify myself as a Crime Scene Investigator, although I'll be lacking the 1 year experience required by The IAI, so I'm considering law enforcement since the 1 year experience was in a criminal related work. But I also have military experience as a 92M, in were I conducted several autopsies in. And I'm working towards a Masters in Criminal Justice in UCF, I think the networking is what I have to do more of. But thank you for the reply, best of wishes in your career in Fort Lauderdale! 

On Wed, Feb 6, 2019, 14:11 Keva Zimmerman [via Crime Scene Investigator Forum] <[hidden email] wrote:
Hey! I used to live in Orange county. Unfortunately they only take people with forensic science degrees. I used to speak to the CSI supervisor at the Orange County Sheriffs Office. I suggest working on a Forensics Degree or Crime Scene investigations degree. I have an A.A in forensics and  B.A in crime scene as well as a crime scene technician certification. I moved from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale because I finally received a job as a crime scene technician/investigator. I suggest doing research and network with as much people as you can! Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for and Thank you for your service!

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